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Through our experience in Abu Dhabi we have a very good idea of the kind of questions that you will be asking in your first few days here.

We hope that the following section will be of great assistance to you on your arrival.

We have the resources to deal with all your property needs whether your company, have given you a housing allowance or you are paying from your own pocket,

We make it our responsibility at Future View to find a good accommodation within the customer’s personnel budget.

Should you rent or buy in Spain?

Rental opportunities can be limited in Spain as people prefer to buy, and with property prices low you may find you have more choice to buy than to rent. That said, prices for desirable, convenient, city centre properties are similar to those in other European countries such as Germany, Belgium or Ireland, although prices are predicted to fall further in 2014. Waiting may allow you to buy at a better price and in a more stable market.